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Open Vacancy

RemoteNetherlands, Noord-Holland, AmsterdamPeople for People

Job description

People for People is looking for people to work! Are you passionate about helping those in need, but you don’t find a match with the current vacancies? Your help is of course much appreciated. We’re constantly on the lookout for experienced professionals to join us. Please understand that applications to the roles currently on our site will be prioritised in our selection process. We will add you to our mailing list and keep you up to date on our opportunities.

We are a collective of entrepreneurs - initiated by the founders of bunq, Picnic and MessageBird - who strive to support people of all nationalities who seek safety and asylum in the Netherlands by taking action to meet essential needs and build humane and dignified living conditions (

Job requirements

You are a good match if you are:

  • Available (preferred right away)

  • Minimum availability of 1 hour a day (preferably more)

  • Period of commitment: at least a month (preferably more)

  • Personality: independent, go-getter, experience

The perks are:

  • Supporting people in need

  • Access to a large network of partners

  • Optional: Free workplace (and lunch) at Aimforthemoon, in the Amsterdam Houthavens

*Please note: parttime roles (<3 days) are volunteer based, dedicated roles (>3 days) can be compensated. We mainly looking for volunteers.